Breakthrough Training

Breakthrough Training is an interactive one or two day learning experience in which we systematically

improve sales performance, activity, resilience and ultimately results.

The content contained within the Breakthrough Training will be tailored to meet your specific needs, but we will:

Use pre-coaching engagement questionnaires to drive course content relevance and engagement

Use different methods of material delivery

Use a variety of communication techniques to account for different learning styles

Use past and current sales experiences to strengthen learning objectives and outcomes

Let us help you:

  • Increase your sales revenue and margin

  • Increase your confidence and resilience

  • Close more sales

  • Identify your ideal client and book of work

  • Introduce a clear sales strategy

  • Retain and grow existing business

  • Overcome objections

  • Negotiate from a position of strength

  • Present and pitch for success


The below table is just an insight into some of the topics we cover within the Breakthrough Training experience.



Performance Mindset

Outcome / Activity


Managing fear

Limiting beliefs

Motivation and Purpose

Pre-game and accountability

Sales recognition

Marginal Gains


Sales Strategy and Competitive Edge

Outcome / Activity

Understanding your ideal client

Where are they?

What do we say?

How do we reach them?

How can we help them?

What's our Competitive Edge?


Motivating Customers

Outcome / Activity

Understanding the customer journey

Why people buy

Working with Gatekeepers


Decision Makers

Communication styles and methods


Prospecting for success

Outcome / Activity

Professional prospecting

Pre-call work

Engaging introductions

Objective setting

Emergency one-liners


Thriving on the Objection

Outcome / Activity

"Control the Controllables"

7 types of objection

4 stages to overcome the objection

The power of logic

Identifying objections


Closing skills

Outcome / Activity

5 Forms of closing