Master Class Coaching


Your Master Class coaching is a powerful and immersive two day coaching programme where we take your teams through an experience that will challenge every area of their professional skill set.


We offer you the commitment to comprehensively cover the core sales elements. We spend great time coaching on the strength of mindset to win and develop from great to unstoppable.

Your course includes


  • Own your pre game

  • Meaning (Focus on objectives)

  • Approach (Ownership and accountability)

  • Managing fear

  • Harnessing limiting beliefs

  • Building rapport

  • Overcoming objections

  • Closing skills

  • Sales strategy creation/review

  • Practical activities

  • Main event - Live sales activity for all

The results you’ll get include

  • Targeted calls focused on quality and impact

  • Increased team productivity

  • Greater decision maker contact

  • Increased conversion rates

  • Individual needs analysis

  • Empowerment focused on success

  • Standard and accountability setting