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Top 2 strategies for show-stopping sales success



There are many great value adding articles out there on steps for sales success, however at Impact Sales Coaching we like to keep things simple and punchy. Rather than a long list around value propositions and prospecting (which we’ll cover in a future blog, don’t worry) we would like to share two fundamental personal development strategies that can often be overlooked but will deliver show-stopping sales performance.


Thank you for reading on...


#1) Own your pre-game


This may seem obvious but the true sales professional starts their day on point and holds themselves

personally accountable for their performance.


We are big believers in working hard and playing hard, however the true pro knows there is a time

and place to celebrate all those conversions, appointments and commissions.


Steps such as rewarding yourself with a good night’s sleep, planning tomorrow’s lunch or attire

is not something to be taken lightly, as is the importance of allowing sufficient time for you to get through

those morning rituals. Couple all of these with crystal clear focus on what needs to be done during the day, means you’re ready to have relationship building and deal clinching conversations.


In a future blog we’re going to write more about morning rituals because this is such a huge area. If you want to get yourself ahead of the game, we recommend reading an amazing book called “The Miracle Morning” written by Hal Elrod.



#2) The power of Why and Meaning


Why do you do what you do?


As business owners and/or targeted sales professionals we all have our own deep seated motivations.

What are yours?


Perhaps combinations of health, societal contribution, revenue, margin targets, commission,

client retention or career progression etc…


At Impact we’re no different, however the big performance differentiator is writing these down and getting

absolute clarity on what these are.


Going one step further try to cement your why’s into action by attaching what it’ll mean to achieve each of your why’s or goals. Perhaps think about how you will feel, what you could do, what could you change, how you can help others or support your family. Alternatively, think about the inverted view of what if you don’t achieve your why’s?


Align the Why and Meaning and you’re going to boost your motivation, build strong resilience in a competitive economy, re-focus your mind and in turn place yourself on the path to dominating in your space.


“Success is 80% psychology and 20% mechanics.”

Tony Robbins

Globally renowned coach, business professional, author and philanthropist


In conclusion...


The areas of #1 Turning up and #2 Why/Meaning are fundamental and in some cases may appear obvious. That said, housekeeping in these areas will ultimately unlock massive personal sales growth potential.

What did you think of the blog? Have you tried any of the strategies mentioned above and if so how did you get on? Feel free to leave a comment on our social media pages or drop me a line.



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