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What we do

We create memorable learning experiences that increase long term personal performance and drive results.


We invest time to understand why sales training is something you are considering and what results you would like to see in return.

Furthermore, we learn about your business, what market conditions you are experiencing, where you see room for improvement and highlight specific gaps in knowledge, skills and behaviours that require improving
 (such as confidence, resilience, sales strategy, objection handling, negotiating and closing).


Based on your interpretation as to where improvements can be made, we design a curriculum that will meet and indeed exceed your expectations by adding additional value where relevant. Partnership is important and we both sign-off learning material.

Training delivery

Workshops are highly interactive with a variety of activities and promote inclusivity to encourage participation.

Workshops are an experience and we never simply read off a load of slides.

Coaching delivery

Just as interactive as group workshops, however coaching is delivered 1-2-1.

We meet either virtually or face-to-face once per month for up to 3 hours per session.

Application of learning

At the end of workshops and coaching sessions you will be required to identify what you have learned from the
experience and what you will apply into your role or business. You will feel great after our time together, but application of newly acquired knowledge, skills and behaviours is critical. 


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