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What our clients say...

No matter what the client request or size of project we go over and above to create an experience that provides long-term growth and ultimately, results.

Give us a call and let's have a relaxed conversation about how sales training can add value to your business.

“Adam’s enthusiasm is something which anyone using Impact will benefit massively from.

I am a great believer that sales needs professional persistence and resilience, Adam provides you with the motivation and confidence in order to retain or gain these traits.”


OCS Asset Solutions

Casual Working

“Adam has delivered coaching sessions in sales management and sales pitching for our students and maintains a close relationship with the University. His skill and passion for business is evident and he provides excellent support for students developing their skills.

He goes out of his way to deliver a high quality service, and he approaches all tasks with careful attention to detail, skill and enthusiasm.

Adam is a natural presenter and is comfortable with a young student audience, his sessions receive positive feedback from participants and he inspires his audience to want to engage with him further.

I have enjoyed working with Adam and I hope that he will continue his partnership with the University for a long time to come”


University of Wolverhampton Business School



Call: 07956 442852

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“We can thoroughly recommend Adam and Impact Coaching, we attended a recent workshop with other small business owners to pick up or refine valuable tips and tools to help reach the right customers for our products, overcome customer concerns and grow our business. Thanks so much.


Smart-Tees Limited


“Adam from Impact has been a great help to me and my business. He has helped me realise what’s important with my business from the client’s perspective allowing me to focus more on the right messaging.”


Two Thirds Media Limited


“Adam was relaxed and inclusive in delivering and facilitating the workshop. He talked in an engaging way and was able to acknowledge each participants contributions in an affirming and genuine manner.


Adam shared his passion for the topic of sales and enabled me to leave feeling that it was relevant to the development of my business with a new and positive energy about strategies to help grow it.


I liked his positive attitude and the fact he was able to share resources, such as books and certain slides from his presentation. Adam was a man with a mission to help individuals identify and shift boulders which were preventing them from closing new deals”


Nicholas Offers Life Coaching, linked to Moving Souls Dance CIC

"Adam is a fantastic sales tutor who really knows his stuff. Whether you're a novice looking to develop new skills or an experienced salesperson who wants to refine your technique, Impact Sales Coaching is a brilliant place to start."


Mark Binnersley - Communications Consultant

"Had a great intensive but enjoyable learning experience and the chance to see how other businesses sell into their markets. This gave great transferable ideas for my enterprise as well as considerations of the things that may be low or negative returns on investment to avoid or at least be aware of.


Adam gave practical and real-world views of selling from his wide, practical experience and the mindsets to get and convert more potentials into real relationships and to 'paying' clients.


A really worthwhile investment to boost the main 'asset' in my business - my attitude."


Arrelle, People Preservation

"Our team recently attended a Sales New Business Coaching Session, we found the content to be extremely useful providing us with new ideas and techniques whilst also offering a welcome reminder of some of the key qualities required within our Sales role.


Adam is extremely professional and delivers the course content brilliantly."


PMS Networks

" I recently attended one of Adam’s courses at Wolverhampton Racecourse, the only word I can think of to describe it was Fantastic what a day!


Adam is absolutely brilliant at delivering his content and challenging the things you always done or not done.


I went along thinking I needed to do big Jerry Maguire close and actually realised that I was already doing most of the right things, so with polishing my Sales tactics and combing the guidance from Adams course with not putting so much pressure on myself, the process is now a lot more effective and delivering some great results.

If you bring Adam into your business you really won’t be disappointed, you will delighted with his guidance. He really is a great investment to a brighter future."

Hawk-eye Vision

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