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Blogs and ponderings...

Welcome to our blogging and pondering page.


Feel free to let us know how you have got on implementing what we've written about and send us any questions you'd like us to include or answer in a future blog post.


Impact Sales Coaching Sales blog

Why we love closing... (and you should too!)


Have you ever wondered or asked yourself these questions...?

“What is the best way to close a deal?”

“How do I close a sale?”

“What tactics or techniques should I use?”

“How soon should I go for a close?”

In this blog we go into the detail behind sustainable and effective closing.

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How to overcome objections...


In a Twitter poll we asked what you'd like us to talk about in our next blog.


Objection handling was by far the winner!


In response we're going to talk about:

The process of handling objections

Forms of objection

"Controlling the controllables".

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The Beginner Networker Journey...


In this blog we’re going to talk about techniques to overcome some of the more personal challenges around networking, but if you take nothing else away from this article, just understand that if you experience any of the things we’ve mentioned, you’re absolutely not on your own.

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The art of the sales follow-up...

We have all been there. We’re in the prospecting groove surrounded by call-backs, serious relationships are forming and meetings have been closed. What’s left in the aftermath? Roughly written notes and optimism ahead of the next steps.


As sales professionals we’re in the business of building meaningful relationships so reviewing your calling notes and setting time to follow through on your commitments cannot be understated.

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Sales is all about numbers... or is it?

It is important that we measure and monitor success. Indeed, in its raw form no doubt we all track budget performance, targets, ratios, margin, calls and of course conversions in some way.


Consideration however should be applied to the tangible outcomes.

The results are an output and direct reflection of the practices and habits that go into each record breaking or challenging quarter/year.

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Top 2 strategies for show-stopping sales success


There are many great value adding articles out there on steps for sales success, however

at Impact Sales Coaching we like to keep things simple and punchy.

Rather than a long list around value propositions and prospecting (which we’ll cover in a future blog, don’t worry) we would like to share two fundamental personal development strategies that can often be overlooked but will deliver show-stopping sales performance.

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