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Two effective strategies that will boost sales team performance...

Sales is all about numbers... or is it?

It is important that we measure and monitor success. Indeed, in its raw form no doubt we all track budget performance, targets, sales, ratios, margin, calls, commission and of course conversions in some way.


Consideration however should be applied to the tangible outcomes.

The results are an output and direct reflection of the practices and habits that go into each

record breaking or challenging quarter/year.

Thank you for reading on...

Most of us have heard of painting by numbers, but managing by numbers alone could result in

conservative results and an under fulfilled team which benefits no one.


To maximise opportunities all year round and to nurture a driven, valued and satisfied team we

recommend introducing a supportive and accountability based culture that will significantly enhance

performance and ultimately the numbers we all need.


Here are two suggestions to encourage and enhance performance. Feel free to let us know your variations and share what works for you too.

Perhaps around incentivisation and recognition? Done in the right way, this can be hugely powerful too.


We are all part of a sales and business community and welcome dialogue to support growth.



We spoke about the significance of why and meaning in our last blog, however assuming these personal best practices are in place, great performance up-side can be realised when we know what we’re aspiring to achieve as a solid team.


For example, do you have a new service line to promote? Do you have an industry disrupting piece of innovation to share and capitalise on? Is there a specific product that attracts increased margin? Are we approaching the last month of the quarter? Do you have expansion or perhaps acquisition aspirations?

We respect that in most cases there’s a strict need to know when discussing some areas, but when given context we can grasp and contribute towards a shared future much easier.




The method, impact and dynamic of communication does of course depend on the location, numbers and availability of our teams.

Especially considering the increased adoption of remote working.


If you have a centralised team we promote the benefits of an energy rich full team briefing

at 08:45 each day encouraging performance, shared achievements, set the day’s objectives and start

everyone’s day in peak state.


For those working remotely as part of a National Sales and/or Accounts team, a weekly or

fortnightly web conference is a great way to facilitate 360 conversation and bring-about a team

culture which can at times be challenging when our teams are so widely spread.


Phone conference calls are also good, once we got over the usual stop/starts, but webcam hosted

calls are much preferred.

In summary...


These are just two quick-win strategies that can be implemented swiftly and cost effectively as we succeed, fail and re-group together.

It’s how we collectively respond and react that matters.



About Impact Sales Coaching

Impact Sales Coaching offers tailored coaching to clients from various sectors around the UK.

Their sales coaching is written and tailored around a client brief to ensure relevance while

at the same time delivering an experience that focuses on core structured themes that support

the business’ continuous improvement and growth.


They understand that all businesses are different and with their own values; however at the core are

opening and closing sales - this part needs to be driven by the sales team or business owner in

a unique and compelling way.


Give Adam a call or email for an informal conversation around ways in which coaching

can add value to your business.

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